The Gig Harbor Film Festival is back another year!


Bella Taylor, Student Life

The art of film is hitting Gig Harbor once again. The Gig Harbor Film Festival is back for another year at Galaxy Theaters, September 22-25th.

The Gig Harbor Film Festival is used to foster a community of filmmakers and film lovers to celebrate the art of cinema. They show movies of all genres, including documentaries, thrillers, horror, and comedy. Their vision is to make a year-round festival that entertains and inspires filmmakers and film lovers as they get a top ranking in Gig Harbor’s events. 

On the opening night, September 22nd, they are showing a documentary about the world’s #1 rock band of all time, The Ventures. This film will celebrate their 60th anniversary of rocking that guitar and share the story of how they rose to fame in the 60’s  and how they won their title as the world’s #1 rock band in history. 

Not only do they show exceptional films from around the states, but they also cherish films from all over the world! The Gig Harbor Film Festival is a great way to enhance your passion for cinema and see films from other parts of the world. With all of this said, it is clear that the Gig Harbor film festival is a top-tier event in the Harbor.