Breaking Down the Walls: Student Opinions

Breaking Down the Walls: Student Opinions

Caitlyn Anderson

Breaking Down the Walls was a two day event that occurred on February 3rd and February 4th at Peninsula High School. Students got the opportunity to come together for an entire day. Many activities were held and it brought people together and caused students to open up and make sure nobody felt alone. High school is a very stressful place where teens may be in a time of high stress and anxiety in their life. These feelings are completely normal, however, sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. With Breaking Down the Walls, it showed everyone that you’re not alone and every individual goes through their fair share of ups and downs in life. This concept made students feel welcome and brought comfort to them knowing that they are NOT alone in any way.         

I personally did not attend this event, even though I wish I did. I did take photos and got to explore and observe the activities that were conducted. It was very neat to see everyone coming together with people they barely even knew. I also have interviewed and asked questions to those who attended this event to get more insight on the positives and negatives for students personally. 

Below are a couple students that I interviewed about Breaking Down the Walls: 

(These questions are answered 110% honestly and should not offend anyone that does not have the same opinion) 

Hall Schmidt – Hall is a Sophomore at PHS and attended Breaking Down the Walls on Tuesday, February 4th. Hall said that he really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone if the opportunity is given in the future. HIs favorite part were the games and exercises that led him to get to know new people. 

Daniel Shurr- Daniel is a Senior at Peninsula High School and got nominated to join Breaking Down the Walls on Monday, February 3rd. He said the whole day was overall great! 

Alex Johnston- Alex is a Junior at Peninsula High School and decided to attend Breaking Down the Walls to get what it was all about. His opinion differed from the students above.. He wasn’t the biggest fan. He said it was very difficult to talk about such deep topics with complete strangers. It can definitely be a bit uncomfortable and not for everyone. 

As you can see, the people that attended Breaking Down The Walls, had very diverse opinions on the event. I personally wish I would’ve gone just to see what there was too offer and see it through my own eyes. I would recommend to anyone to attend if there is another special day like this in the future.