Night to Shine


Amelia Shefler and Mia Anderson pose for a photo

Amelia Shefler

Night to Shine is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. This event was held at the YMCA, on February 7, 2020. This event was a night to remember for 2020. The Night to Shine had wonderful activities that included, joyful karaoke, spectacular dancing, and even a fancy limo ride. Over 500 people were involved in the event including volunteers, buddies, and guests. This event was very exciting because I felt really special and really pretty. My favorite part of the night was when I went with friends and made new friends. There were lots of dancing and good music and beautiful decorations. Everyone got crowned King and Queen of the prom, walked the red carpet and had a dance celebration with our crowns. There were princesses, Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel to take pictures with. And of course Rhubarb the Mariners Moose was there also. We left with goodie bags that were filled with gifts. They offered at the dance to check our bags, dinner, fancy desserts, makeup, flowers and hair. I left the dance at 8:45 pm feeling exceptionally happy. The night was very memorable to my friends and me.  

Amelia and Lena Janson at the dance!