Love Yourself Week


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Kailyn Lowe, Editor

High school can be rough; not only is there a struggle of grades, peers and other stressful factors, but just confidence in itself is very hard to maintain. Starting February 3rd- 7th is love yourself  week. This is a time where you can not only boost your confidence, but also gain more respect towards yourself. Although it may seem obvious, not overthinking is always essential to have more confidence. Sometimes, when you overthink you can immediately go into panic mode and start focusing on the little things. So whether it was a comment from someone else or the outfit you’re wearing, just own it! This ties into the fact that you can move past your mistakes no matter how bad you think it is; the past is the past, you can’t change it! So instead of beating yourself up, just accept it, learn from your mistakes, and apply that to future scenarios.

Again, another obvious one, but be yourself. When you’re acting like someone else it just stresses you out and makes you constantly analyze yourself and make you feel like there’s always something wrong. Instead, if you just stay yourself it will change your lifestyle for the better. Another thing to do is focus on yourself. Sure, you may want to shift your mind to other things, which is completely fine, but be your own priority. Mental health is key when it comes to being confident, so work on bettering your mental health and not so much on things that could be worsening it.

Last but not least, push yourself to do good. Whether it’s that homework that you’ve been putting off or a race that you’re debating whether or not to go to, just do it! You’ll feel so much better once you’ve completed it because you’ll know you did it even if you didn’t want to. All in all, confidence isn’t easy! Most people aren’t born with it, it’s a long process and it takes time, don’t rush it! Just love yourself because there’s no one else like you!