Study Tips For Finals

Kailyn Lowe, Editor

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 Finals are next week and students are frantically trying to gather study materials to pass the stressful tests, but what most people don’t know is that there is a much more organized process to achieving these goals. 

  1. Study groups. One way to ease the stress of the work is to start a group study session. Get a study group started by joining your friends to break things down! It’s not only fun but it’s easier to get stuff done when multiple people are working at once. 
  2. Don’t procrastinate. Another way to get your studying done is to prioritize when you study. This may seem obvious, but the struggles of procrastination can be real! Set alarms for when you want to study and don’t press the snooze button! When your alarm goes off start studying
  3. Don’t overwork yourself. A third way for studying is to take breaks often. Don’t over-do it by trying to pack in as much studying as possible, studies show that it can decrease the amount of knowledge you obtain. So, in between studying, every 15 minutes or so, try to take 5-10 minute breaks. 
  4. Quiz yourself. Flashcards and quizlet are a great way to quiz yourself and others. Write a term on one side and the definition on the other. Shuffle the cards and test yourself with the definitions, then repeat until you’re able to memorize all the definitions.
  5. Getting plenty of sleep. Sleep is important to a healthy mental and physical state, so when it comes to studying it is important. If possible try to get in at least 8 hours of sleep before you go to bed
  6. Study the harder classes first. Give yourself time to study for tougher classes! Instead of studying your easiest subject, although it may seem hard now, the more you study the easier everything gets. 
  7. Take as many practice tests as you can. Chances are, that topic you’re stressing about probably has information about it online. So, if you have time, try to go online and do some research about it, then gather together some test questions you can quiz yourself on later. 
  8. Listen to classical music. If you like to listen to music while studying, try switching out your normal music with classical music. Although it may seem boring, studies show that you’re more likely to remember the information you obtain if you’re listening to classical music. 
  9.  Eat healthily. If you’re hyped up on unhealthy foods the likeliness of your study rates increasing is lower than if you eat healthier. This is because if you eat junk food, it will eventually lead to some sort of crash. So, the best route is to go with eating healthy food whether its fruits or vegetables, it’s most likely it’s your best bet. 
  10. Relax. Try to take deep breaths to calm the ease of anxiety. This helps bring more oxygen to your brain which creates more coherent thoughts. This also eases anxiety or extra pressure that the finals have created.