13 Trends That Are Making a Comeback-


Lilly Moore

Choker Necklaces- they became a huge trend in the 90’s, it had the perfect amount of edginess for woman (and sometimes men) to wear.





Ripped Denim- They were originally worn in the 80’s, cut out at the knees for that sleek, laid back outfit.

Corduroy- Corduroy was huge in the 70’s for childrens clothes. now almost 50 years later, THEY’RE BACK, but for jeans, purses, skirts, and jackets.

Scrunchies- This hair piece from the 90’s is more healthier than plain elastics, to prevent breakage and damage, It’s also a common stereotype for “VSCO girls”

Cargo Pants- These edgy grunge looking pants are back from the 90’s and more improved with a form fitting feel!

Silk Scarves- this classic neck piece is a good classic touch on any look from the 50’s

High Waisted Jeans- These vintage 80’s jeans look good with any outfit ranging from long sleeves, short sleeves, sneakers, or heels.

Chunky Sneakers- these 80’s sneakers are back from so many different brands, Filas to Yeezy’s and even Gucci, they look good with high waisted jeans or even cargo pants and any shirt.

Plaid- This 90’s look is back and wanted for grunge and edgy type looks, ranging from plaid shirts, skirts, and bowties!

Sweatpants- Why not go comfy and fashionable at the same time with these 20’s  comfy pants?

Long, straight hair- this trend originated from the iconic 2017 Cher Lloyd look.

Mom Jeans- With the loose leg and the high waisted waist, it’s easier to move around and be fashionable!

White boots- these 70’s inspired, iconic pair of boots are great to go with a colorful dress to go the disco with!







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