Frozen breaks the ice

Sam Brendel, Managing Editor

Winter is drawing near and, even though cars are turning into highly efficient refrigerators, one thing that nearly everyone does is go to the movies. A new Disney film broke through the ice last week called Frozen.

Frozen is a new take on the classic Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” that is soon to become a staple in every American household. The first several scenes of the movie give the audience a bit of a background story. The main characters (Anna and Elsa) are sisters, Elsa has magical powers that can control the snow and ice, while Anna is just a normal child. After a tragic event in the family Elsa isolates herself from Anna until finally she comes of age and is ready to become queen. As the movie progresses the audience is struck with the realization that, in this fairytale, there is far more to these characters than meets the eye.

Even if the storyline is a little lacking, at least as far as a Disney movie goes, the music and animation is impeccable. All of the glistening, sparkling snowflakes make one feel as though they are in a winter wonderland. Frozen came out of the same animation design as Tangled, making the characters and animals well rounded and beautiful. Some may say too beautiful. Frozen definitely lends itself to possibly be adapted to a Broadway musical with its imminent bursts of melodic sounds.

In the end, Frozen will soon become another Disney household classic that every child and adult will grow to love. With its beauty and grace as an animated storytelling experience, it may be as successful as The Lion King or even The Little Mermaid.