The battle of the boys, who is the next Mr. Peninsula?


Roman Bockhorn

Mr. Peninsula show

Tyler Spurlock, Reporter

On Friday, March 31st 2019, The top male students at peninsula high school faced off on the stage to see who was the best man. The crowd was packed with students, teachers, and fans of the contestants, but there would only be one winner. The contestant lineup was quite impressive, There were appearances from Will Pratt, Griffin Bakken, Shawn Shobe, Graham Schmidt, Dane Jackson, Mathew Turnbull, Omar Ramadan, and Carson Walitner. The night was sure to be exciting with lots of laughs.

Mr. Miranda, a longtime host of the show, guessed the Cinderella pick for the night would be Omar, he made a great first impression dressed up as the president of the united states with his military escort Braeden Potter.  The speech he gave proposed new world ideas and what he would do if he was the president, unfortunately, the judges did not agree with his policies.

Shawn Shobe performed a sing-along act with some of the other competitors, his voice was astounding. He claimed that his “greatest strength is (his) flowing hair and comedic personality.” Shawn wooed the crowd with his vocals and dance moves, but again, it wasn’t enough to win him the title.

The contestants battled hard and gave their best effort but only one winner could submerge. Dane Jackson, a fan favorite, said that if he “had to choose a winner besides himself, it would have to be Griffin (Bakken).” Dane and Griffin performed a snake charm act on the big stage along with Matt Turnbull. Dane was the dancer, Mathew the musician, and Griffin played the snake. It made to be a fantastic act and caused many laughs from the audience. Danes prediction would be correct as Griffin Bakken took home the trophy for Mr.PHS with his snake charm act. He was escorted by Isabella Filkins and was a class act on stage.

It was a great night for Peninsula as the students were brought lots of laughs and cheers. It was a show for the ages that all the contestants and the audience would remember. At the end of the show, the men and their escorts came to the front of the stage to give one final bow for one final heartwarming moment. All the contestants went home happy, especially Griffin Bakken, your 2019 Mr. Peninsula.