Season Two of The Summer I Turned Pretty


Isabella Hansen, Writer

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a book trilogy that producers recently made into a tv show on Amazon Prime Video. So far, there has only been one season that has depicted the events in book one. The book and tv show follows a sixteen-year-old girl, Belly, her brother, Steven, and their mother, Laurel, who are visiting Susannah, Laurel’s childhood friend, and her sons, Conrad and Jeremiah, for the summer. As the story progresses, the reader learns about Belly’s long-lasting feelings for Conrad and Jeremiah’s feelings for Belly.

All three books have been published for over ten years, and since the first season of the tv show aired, they have become a hit. 

The second season of the series is scheduled to premiere on July 14, with the first three episodes in the season. Following that Friday, an episode will premiere every week, with a total of eight episodes. The eight episodes are titled “Love Lost,” “Love Scene,” “Love Sick,” “Love Game,” “Love Fool,” “Love Fest,” “Love Affair,” and “Love Triangle”. The show will continue to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Season one of the series followed the books closely but wasn’t exact. In the books, the story is told only from Belly’s perspective, while in the tv show, other characters’ separate lives, such as her brother’s, are shown. 

Season two of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is set to follow the events in book two, titled “It’s Not Summer Without You,” though a trailer has not yet been released. There will be new characters in season two, like Elsie Fisher, who is playing “Skye,” a character that was not in the books.

Fans of the books know what’s coming for the characters and are on the edge of their seats waiting for the second season to premiere. People who have not read the books can’t wait to find out what will happen next. Sometimes all summer needs is a show to binge with family and friends, and this is the perfect match.



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