Why You Should go to Great Wolf Lodge


Maddy M Robbins, history/opinions

There are many hotels that carry the basic necessities people enjoy while on vacation like a swimming pool with a hot tub, a gym area with a sauna in the corner, the free breakfast in the morning, and the free WiFi of course. But have you been to a hotel with a whole water park inside the hotel before? Well I’m here to tell you about this amazing vacation spot for your family and friends!

Great Wolf Lodge is a popular hotel with many locations in different parts of the United States and a great place for your own family vacation. The Lodge my family and I went to always was in Centralia, Washington. My 6th birthday was the first time my family and I went to Great Wolf Lodge, and I remember being astonished when I first saw the hotel. The Lodge was huge, being four floors high, but extremely long. Right when you get to the outside of the lobby, there are huge statues of wolves being your welcome to the Lodge. I wasn’t able to fully explore the Lodge the first time we went, but when we returned multiple times with friends and family, I was able to have the chance to explore the building from top to bottom. 

Of course, the best and most popular part of the hotel is the humongous inside water park. The water park has the best wave pool along with another separate pool area with activities like climbing on lily-pads and playing with all the pool toys. There’s also water slides for people of all ages, and the water slides were my favorite part, especially the biggest water slide as you drop into a giant bowl, going back and forth until your final drop to the bottom of the slide. Then there’s a giant playground with many different water sprayers, climbing activities, smaller water slides, and my favorite, the giant water bucket that dumps on the majority of the playground that every child and parent waits for to be filled up to enjoy for themselves. Your family can also rent a private room inside the water park where you have your own chairs, towels, TV, fridge, drinks, etc. 

Besides the main excitement being the inside water park, there’s also a huge rope course outside of the building which I’ve seen many families enjoy. Then there’s the glow in the dark mini golf course that is an absolute blast to go through, especially with your friends. Cannot forget the arcade along with food options like restaurants, starbucks, bakeries and ice cream shops inside the Lodge along with many gift shops too! Something everyone has to do at least once when they go to Great Wolf Lodge is get a magic wand from the gift shop and go around the building on your own quest with your family and friends. I thought the wand was the most mind-blowing experience I ever went through at age 6. Then towards the end of your long and fun day, you can have story time down stairs with the talking animatronics and enjoy the rest of your night. 

The best thing about Great Wolf Lodge is once you arrive at the hotel and settle into your room, you don’t have to worry about having to find activities to do around the city or town you’re visiting. Your friends and family have everything they need to have one of the best vacations all inside Great Wolf Lodge. I highly recommend going to this hotel at least once in your lifetime, because I highly doubt you would regret going there.