Spring Fling Semi Formal


Clare Dickson

Leadership class preparing for the dance set up

Clare Dickson, Reporter

Spring is approaching, flowers are blooming, the weather is changing, and Peninsula High School is hosting a dance in celebration of the new season. This year, the ASB team has come up with the great idea to put together a spring fling dance instead of the usual Tolo dance that usually happens around this time of year.

Normally, not as many people go to Tolo because the music and decorations are not as great as homecoming’s; but this year, leadership is going all out by hiring a DJ, working hard on setup, and promoting the dance.

There was even a competition where the person with the best proposal had a chance to win free tickets for them and their date. All you have to do is post a picture of your proposal on social  media and tag Peninsula High School. Tickets for the dance will be priced at $8 with ASB and $12 without ASB if tickets are purchased at the door.

Leadership is putting a lot of work into this dance according to sophomore Bella Quinn, in hopes that more people will attend. Bella described it as “sort of like a second homecoming.”  Just like homecoming, there is rumored to be a photo booth and it is confirmed that there will be a professional DJ.

The theme for the dance is ¨secret garden¨ according to Julia Klumker. Julia is in leadership and her group is in charge of set up for the dance. The commons and gymnasium will be decorate with vines, flowers, battery powered candles, and lots more. There will also be a spirit week to help hype up the student body for the dance. The spirit days include pj day, jersey day, beach day, USA day, and finishing off the week with a classic Peninsula spirit Friday.

The dance is being held on March 23rd, 2019 from 8-11 pm. Tickets will be made available on March 18th and will be able to be purchased until the 22nd. Guest forms will be available at the front office starting on March 11th, and due on the 20th.

Get your outfit and your date and come celebrate springtime with all your friends at Peninsula High School.