No School – What Was There To Do?

No School - What Was There To Do?

Ashylnn Holmes, Reporter

For the past few years or so our great peninsula had yet to receive a great amount of the fragile ice flurries called snow. Luckily, the new year brings new opportunities; 2019 broke our snowless streak. So much snow in fact that students received a total of four snow days and three 2-hour delays. Now the question is, what did they do with all that free time?

Freshman Katie Jensen said she spent most of her time outside playing in the snow and when done would go inside for a cup of hot cocoa. Jensen says she enjoyed the snow because it reminded her of when she lived in Alaska.

Kaleah Erickson, another freshman, also said she enjoyed the snow. She had the opportunity to go on a four wheeler with her father and also went to work with her mother who is a veterinarian. Erickson also said the snow reminded her of living in Eastern Washington.

Even though the weather brought much joy, it also caused some problems. There were lots of power outages in the area. Erickson lost power multiple times and Jensen lost power for three hours. Junior, Brandon Grover had his power go out three times, each for about twelve hours. Many didn’t enjoy going without electricity, some like Beavers found it as an opportunity to bond with her family.

With so many power outages, how much snow actually was there? Brandon Grover, a junior, said “I got a lot of snow, probably about two feet”. Others didn’t get that much, Beavers only received about six to eight inches. News reports say there was more than twenty inches of snow fallen in less than a week.

Students had nearly a full week’s worth of school in snow days. When asked if they missed being at school many had mixed emotions. Jensen said she missed school because that’s where she gets to see her friends the most. Though she also added that it was nice to get away from the stress of school for a little while. Erickson had similar feelings about the subject. While some missed going to school, Grover said he didn’t miss it at all.

Now that the snow is gone, students were asked if they miss it. Beavers replied saying saying “I’m happy it’s stopped, now I can go out and do stuff instead of being stuck at home”. Grover had opposite opinions, he said he enjoyed having the free time. No snow meant he had to return to his normal daily schedule.

Overall , students seemed to really enjoy and appreciate their time off. Each thought it was time well spent. Most also do not expect it to snow for a long time from now. Which may be a good thing, they’re back to school and getting their education.