Girls Swim and Dive Team Makes A Splash!


Sam Ohara

Girls swim and dive preparing to dive into the new season

Callie Anderson, Reporter

This girls swim and dive season was a fun experience for everyone who participated in the sport. The girls on the team made new friendships and strengthened old ones.

Annika Brown, a freshman this year chose to do swim and dive because she had participated on a swim team before.

Annika participates in the 200m breast, relays, and sometimes the 500.

“I’ve enjoy mostly every event I participate in,” Brown said.

“Over this season I’ve been getting stronger, and making shorter times, and it’s not as hard,” she said.

Brown enjoys away meets more than home meets, simply because she enjoys the bus ride.

Brown has been into swimming and diving most of her life, and hopes to continue being on the team for the rest of her high school career.

Sophmore Elizabeth Price chose to do swim and dive this year because her mom really wanted her to.

Price participates in the 100 breast, and the relay.

“They’re really fun,” Price said about the events.

“The beginning of this year I didn’t 100% know how to swim all the strokes, I kinda know how to swim all the strokes now,” Price said.

Like Brown, Elizabeth enjoys away meets more because the bus ride is “very fun and good for team bonding,”.

“My favorite meet was probably the Port Angeles meet because I got to spend the most time with the team on the bus,” she said.

“I really love the girls on my team and I hope to keep doing this sport with them through the rest of high school,” Price said.