Peninsula Football Player Spotlight

Shawn Leonard, Reporter

The Peninsula High School football team has always held a high standard in the state of Washington, with 5 quarter final appearances in the last 6 years. This is not only because of the coaches have set a strong team culture, but because of the players that are on the team. The players were asked to tell the Peninsula Outlook team some interesting aspects about their personal life and about football.


Jude Endsley Interview:

Jude Endsley

Jude Endsley is a junior cornerback and wide receiver for the Peninsula Seahawks. People around the school know him as a great guy and an even better teammate. He has been playing for 6 years and started playing football because his family friends told him it would be fun, and it has stuck with him ever since. When asked what 11 as 1 meant to him, he said “it means putting everything out on the field and everybody trusting in each other to have their back.” His expectations for the team this year are to win 1 game a week and to win the national championship. According to Endsley, some of the team strengths are pancaking, communication and playing relentless no matter the situation. He also makes sure to have a healthy diet throughout the week and to stay hydrated as well. Selective eating is a major key for him so that he can increase his energy and make sure his body keeps up with all of the physical pressure it’s continually put through.


AJ Campbell Interview:

AJ Campbell

AJ Campbell, a junior defensive and offensive lineman, is a player who plays with passion and has a love for the game. He has played football for nearly half of his life, playing 8 years. Campbell’s favorite thing about playing at Peninsula is that the team always shows grit and grind through adversity. He doesn’t have many pregame traditions, but the one thing he always does to get his mind right on gameday is listen to heavy metal music. His inspiration when he steps on the football field is Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher because “they just show raw emotion and have so much aggression.”


Caden Gallacher Interview:

Caden Gallacher

Caden Gallacher is a freshman defensive back at Peninsula.  He got into football because all of his friends started playing so he joined in with them. This is his 4th year playing. Being a freshman at a brand new school, it can be tough to interlock with the other students, but Gallacher is fitting in well with the team culture at Peninsula. He said that playing at Peninsula is different from PYF because there’s more people but it’s more fun than PYF. He also said that it’s more serious and there’s less people joking around. When asked what the C-Team’s biggest strengths were, he said “Our run game is one of our strengths along with our offensive and defensive line. Our receivers are pretty good as well.” On gameday, he likes to prepare himself with a peanut butter and honey sandwich and surround himself with other people and go over his plays.