Spring Fashion Trends 2018


Haylie Gallacher, Reporter

With the change in the weather from frigid and rainy to warm and sunny comes the emergence of new fabrics, colors and creativity. Spring fashion, like the sun, makes you feel good. Here are a list of items that have made their way to the fashion scene this spring:

  • Jean jackets: both boys and girls are sporting these jackets. Jean jackets come in various shades of denim and can be worn cropped or oversized.
  • Denim skirts: like the jean jackets, denim comes to play in a skirt version too. Denim skirts come in all colors with white and denim blue as true PHS favorites.
  • Vans: vans have been around since the early 80’s, but this spring they seem to be extra popular. Both plain white and checkered vans can be seen stomping around school grounds and they probably will be for years to come.
  • Striped/checkered pants: when the sun comes out, so do the patterns. Striped and checkered pants add a little playfulness to outfits and replace boring denim and black leggings.
  • Floral Prints: why just look at the flowers blooming this spring when you can wear them? Floral prints seem to come back every spring and this spring is no exception. Florals can be seen gracing shirts, dresses, and even shorts.
  • Yellow: every spring has a color. Last spring was pale pink. This spring the color is most definitely yellow. More specifically, maize. This pale, golden, warm yellow is extremely popular this season.
  • Overalls: these odd, bibbed jeans are not just for milking cows anymore! Actually, overalls have become quite popular over the last few years and having nothing to do with farms… Or cows.
  • Crocs: I’m not sure who designed these silly rubber clogs, but they are most likely going to be around forever. Now that the puddles have mostly dried up, crocs can be seen on a daily basis and seem to be gaining popularity.
  • Jorts: nobody saw this one coming. Jean shorts (or jorts) have come back from the 90’s and are rising in popularity among the boys. While jorts stayed around for awhile 2 decades ago, it is unsure how long this trend will stick around this time.  
  • Scrunchies: as with vans and jorts, another spring trend that has made a huge comeback is the scrunchy. Scrunchies come in all colors and fabrics and while are primarily used as hair ties, they can most always be seen on the wrist of every girl in school.