TV Show Zoo, Insanely Engaging


Grace Lewis

TV show Zoo is decent.

Daniel Fendel, reporter

What would the human race do if all the animals in the world decided they were unafraid of people? In the TV show, Zoo, these animals pose a huge threat as they begin attacking people all around the globe. To combat these mutant creatures, a contracted group of worthy professionals decide to risk their lives in order to find a cure.

Zoo is full of action and drama, making it extremely interesting at certain points. As I got deeper and deeper into Zoo, I found myself binge-watching it late at night, so every morning I’d wake up and regret my life choices. Before I could get super into it, however, I had to get through the beginning of the show. Disappointing at first, Zoo quickly turned around and met all my expectations; with time it definitely grew on me. Don’t let the first few episodes discourage you from watching it.

If you get into this show, like I did, you will find yourself wincing and screaming as you vicariously live through the characters and what they’re experiencing. Zoo is insanely engaging; I could not stop watching it (honestly I wish I could do the same in school). At 2 am, I found myself unable to quit my TV marathon, and going on to watch five more episodes.

Zoo is not all rainbows and lollipops, like every other show there’s the downsides, and the downside with Zoo is the acting. At points the acting was terrible and very cringy. For example, around the middle of the second season there was a part of the show where two lovers were making out. This extremely cheesy scene made me want to puke because the teletubbies could have done better at acting. Throughout Zoo, you have to endure scenes like this, but the plot lines make up for it in the end.

From watching all the current seasons of Zoo I’ve come to realize that you shouldn’t base whether you like a show on its first couple of episodes; let it sink into the plot and see if you like it. All in all I would rate this Zoo a respectable 7.1/10.

Packed with great adventure, action, and drama scenes, Zoo is a solid show and definitely worth your time to watch. So get on Netflix tonight and binge-watch until you regret it in the morning!