Survival Guide

Dan Fendel

Ways to survive

Dan Fendel and Nathan Johnson


Have you ever raged so hard that you start to think about turning your wall into punching bags? is a game that will make you rage faster than a tortoise on rollerblades. The sibling of and the child of the devil himself, is one of the worst things brought to the internet bringing the worst out of good people and the best out of bad people., created by Steve Howse in early 2016, has risen to be the number one game in the appstore. Lately, it has been getting a lot of attention for its addictiveness and awfulness; you either hate it or love it. With’s follower count reaching over 100K how could this game not be addictive? This game is where online players control a snake-like avatar, which consumes multicolored pellets in the game to grow in size

The gameplay of can be frustrating at times, since each server holds over 500 players, lag spikes hit which can be deadly if your goal is to reach number one. These 500 players fall under three categories: the tryhards, the ragers, and the trolls. Each of these types of players can either enhance or ruin gameplay for you.

The tryhards are the guys that sit on the game 24/7; they are the best at the game and always have to win. The ragers are the guys that can’t handle defeat; without a live chat it is hard to tell if someone is angry (but eventually everyone turns into a rage monster). The trolls are the people that just play the game to make others rage. They are the antagonists in Trolls use techniques such as Tangley Tim and Master Martha to murder and enrage their prey.

Putting all bias and past experience aside, is one of the most addicting computer games I have ever played. The thought of being number one drives me to play the game for hours on end. With possibly thousands of hours of gameplay, rage is expected. Nothing makes anyone more mad than when your snake gets over one thousand feet long and a little ten-foot-long infant snake zooms in front of you, killing your snake while ending your lifelong dream of being number one.

How to Survive

In order to reach maximum length, it’s important to play prey at the beginning of the game; you need to receive all the mass you can. You must kill anything and everything you see; if you don’t kill it, it will kill you! Become the predator! You may feel queasy, you may feel sick from killing everything you see, but you need to stay strong; you must become number one!


Slippery Jack

This move is very deadly; you must move as fast as you can by pressing down on your left mouse, you must move right in front of your enemy in order to perform this stunt correctly!

Tangley Tim

This technique is very effective and relatively easy: You simply just wrap around somebody smaller than you until they eventually have no choice but run into your body, instantly killing him or her. Take heed! It can be very time consuming if the smaller person that you have wrapped around does not accept their fate!

Master Martha

This move is simply you holding down your left mouse and moving erratically around your enemy; this should frighten your opponent. As soon as they try to leave, you zoom in front of them and kill them. You must have ninja quick sense while performing this dangerous stunt!

Innocent Betsie

This technique is simply traveling in a straight line, baiting other snakes into thinking you’re a bot. As soon as the other snake tries to kill you, press down on your left mouse and you will go faster and kill the snake who was trying to kill you!

Magic Moonboy

This is a very low-key technique. Considered the easiest move, this involves not attacking other snakes and only consuming mass that is provided. This technique is not recommended to players who want to reach the number one spot.