Ex GHHS Baseball Player Becomes PHS Head coach

Ex GHHS Baseball Player Becomes PHS Head coach

Daniel Fendel, Reporter

The PHS baseball team has a new addition, Head Coach Kevin Owens. As a former player, Owens knows the game mentally and physically and is now putting all of his knowledge into teaching the Boys’ Baseball team.

“Kevin’s great- his principle is to bring the classroom out on the Baseball field, and he is interested in the whole process of learning baseball, how to play and how to perform on the field. Overall, he knows baseball through and through,” said teacher and C-team Baseball coach, Leland Smith.

Owens had a very successful baseball career and learned many lessons from his career. Owens played 2nd base in college; was honored as the Varsity team MVP; and in Freshman, Junior, and Senior year, was rewarded team Gold Glove.

“Yes, baseball history – both coaching and playing – helps at times. You can relate to good times and struggles. You don’t want to appear that you’re dwelling on your playing days, but a relatable story can hit home with players,” said Owens.

The Baseball players and the coaches were stoked when they learned that Owens had received the head coaching position because they all knew his story, how he started out in Gig Harbor and went on to play at high levels of Baseball.

“I’ve known of Kevin since he was young and playing ball, so it’s great to just have him coaching,” said Coach Smith. “We’re incredibly lucky to have Kevin.” Said Owens.

Owens is known to be patient and dedicated to teaching all of his players in the same and best way possible.

“He will walk us through step by step at a slow pace until he knows that we understand the concept he is talking about. When he goes over baserunning, he will make sure that we all understand before he moves on to the next step or drill,” said Varsity pitcher Joe Pierce

The Players and Coaches don’t think that Owens brings any disadvantages to the PHS baseball team.

“Kevin is a first year head coach, but he has a lot of experience because he has coached high schools and also at the community college level, which is very demanding,” said Coach Smith.

Owens is very effective because he has a healthy coaching strategy and understands what it’s like to learn and grow as an athlete.

“It’s a constant process being first year head coach. You have the plan to get where you want to be, but within that plan there’s many adjustments to be made. Part of what helps it that I think I’m patient compared to other coaches,” said Owens. “You don’t want to overburden players mentally with too many variables at once. I want the guys to be clear headed and focused as opposed to giving them every little bit of information early on. Experience and reflection can be a great teacher, but I also realize that takes time.”