The 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show


Isabella Hansen

The Super Bowl halftime show this year was not something to miss. Rihanna performed a mash-up of her hits such as “Where Have You Been,” “All Of The Lights,” “Umbrella,” and much more. In addition to singing for the audience, Rihanna performed a choreographed dance with about 80 backup dancers who were all dressed in white, and Rihanna dressed in all red.

The show started with Rihanna in the air on a suspended platform, along with a few of her dancers; This gave the performance a wow factor and helped protect the field. Protecting the grass was something Phil Bogle, the NFL’s director of game operations, had to consider; This is because the condition of the field can affect how the game will play out. A bad field can create unsafe situations for football players. The field could become packed down and harder during the halftime show making tackles throughout the football game less safe. In fact, many players have asked for every field to be switched to real grass to limit injuries, though the league says that injury rates are about the same between real and artificial fields.

With the field in mind, Rihanna and her dancers needed to be careful about how they performed, which is why the platforms were perfect. They kept the audience engaged and the grass safe.

Many of the audience members were debating whether or not Rihanna was pregnant or not during the halftime show. Bringing all of her fans’ excitement, one of Rihanna’s representatives has confirmed that the star is pregnant with her second baby. During the performance, Rihanna seemed to be hinting at the pregnancy. Before the Super Bowl, she told CBS sports that she was “thinking about bringing someone” to her performance.

This year’s Half-Time Show was incredible. The performance of this year’s Super Bowl will always impact football performances because of how innovative and delightful it was. Rihanna’s backup dancers gave the performance depth and captivated the crowd the entire time. Choosing Rihanna for the 2023 Super Bowl Half-Time Show was a wise decision.



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