Bella Taylor, Student Life/News

I am sure citizens of Gig Harbor know the summer trolley service. Good news for everyone in Gig Harbor, the trolley will be here as of July 1. Pierce Transit, thankfully, has found enough drivers to operate the trolley this year. 

The trolley (unlike the regular public buses that run to TCC) runs through only Gig Harbor North to Uptown via the downtown route. City Administrator Katrina Knutson quotes, “We value our partnership with Pierce Transit and have had regular meetings surrounding the Gig Harbor summer trolley, citing our strong desire to have full trolley service.” Knutson adds that the trolley will run on Thursdays and Saturdays this summer. 

Pierce Transit is hoping for a full return of the Trolley next year. The communications manager for Pierce Transit, Rebecca Japhet, quotes, “We will continue to work with Pierce Transit to provide full trolley service (in a real trolley) for Summer 2024.” Japhet also adds, “We did order new trolleys, but they are not yet ready to be used in service as we are working to ensure their ramps are fully ADA compliant before placing them into service,”

Pierce Transit will charge the same amount as regular transit buses. Adults are charged $2. Seniors over 65, medical card holders, and the disabled are charged $1. Finally, as of September 1, 2022, youth under 18 ride for free. Middle and high schoolers are required to show their school ID to the driver. 

The trolley isn’t any ordinary public transportation. It’s more of an experience. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Miriam Battson says, “There are a lot of families that enjoy taking the trolley with kids and grandkids and riding it through town to different stops. They’re able to spend a fun day being tourists in their own hometown, getting the joy out of maybe parking in Uptown, catching the trolley, walking the waterfront, eating lunch, shopping, going to the museum, and catching the trolley back to Uptown. A lot of families look forward to it every summer.” 

Everyone is excited for the trolley to make its comeback this year, and hopefully, it will stay for good next year. 



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