Girls H20 Polo rundown

Grace Nesbit, sports

  Last year (2022) the Girls Water Polo team went undefeated in their division, played in the D2 championships and claimed the 2nd spot.  From there they went on and played in the State Tournament, where they placed 6th.  Pre-season, Peninsula was 6th in the state, and as of the publishing of this article, they are playing for the 4 spot. Curtis High School is currently ranked 1st.

This season the girls have suffered three losses: Kennedy Catholic, Bainbridge and Curtis.  This week they play Kennedy Catholic again but at their home pool, this will also be senior night.

Mia Stitt, Abigail Oliver, Brogan Braaten, Grace Nesbit, Ally Fredericksen and Olivia Eagle (Goalie) are the 2023 seniors this year; all have been playing for four years.

To go over the general overview of waterpolo, the whole sport is divided into multiple divisions.  Typically Peninsula has played in D2 (division 2).  Which is a step down in terms of skill from D1, after our winning streak last year, the team moved up to D1.  All D1 teams, which are the top ranked in terms of skill, are guaranteed to play at the state tournament.  However state isn’t only offered to only D1 teams, all D2 teams have the opportunity to play into the state tournament.  The top 2 teams after the conclusion of the D2 championships will move onto the state tournament, held at Curtis High School every year.