Frazier’s Got her Head in the Game


Cassandra Bundrick

(Pictured: Belle Frazier) Peninsula defeated Stadium 45-22 on December 3rd. They kicked off their season on December 1st against Vashon Island with a 49-32 win.

Noelle Misterek and Seth Walloch

Meet Belle Frazier- the newest addition to the Peninsula girls’ varsity basketball team, who some believe might be the best girls’ player the school has had in twelve years. Even though she is just a freshman, she may be the spark that the girls’ team has been looking for. Frazier is tall, walks around wearing Kevin Durant gear, and has become known around the school as “the next JaQuori.” Everyone knows that Frazier is a basketball star and loves the sport, and everyone is eager to finally see this potential school “legend” on the court.

Frazier’s skill combined with that of the rest of the varsity squad is daunting to the other teams in the league. The word has spread that this young new addition to the team might help the girls win league this year. In the girls’ first game against Stadium High School, Frazier already showed her skills when she performed a quick move that made her defender fall on the ground, giving her an open look for an easy layup.

Her leadership abilities are first and foremost; she leads by example and by encouraging words.

— Coach Snyder

She started playing basketball in kindergarten, and began the sport because her dad played. Peninsula basketball is very different from what she’s used to. Frazier has been playing with the Amateur Athletic Union, which is one of the leading sports associations in the U.S.

“We travel around the country, and it’s very competitive.” said Frazier.

Even though she is just a freshman, Frazier is a team leader.

“Her leadership abilities are first and foremost; she leads by example and by encouraging words. She is constantly trying to help other players out, but she does it in a way that’s not authoritative. She is nice and helpful,” said Coach Snyder.

The other girls on the team are excited for Frazier to be joining their ranks. Peninsula senior and three year varsity player, Lilly Portteus, is happily anticipating Frazier’s impact on the team.

“She’s a really smart player so she knows the right moves and what to do. She helps direct the team on the court,” said Portteus. “Belle’s a great addition, a really positive kid. She’s a great player as well as a team player.”

Being a freshman on varsity has to be stressful, but Frazier is handling the pressure well.

“I just play!” said Frazier.

The players aren’t the only ones excited about Frazier’s commitment.

“She is a really big addition to what we are planning on doing this year,” said Coach Snyder. “This year we have a new coaching staff, new plays, and a whole new outlook, all of which Belle fits into very well, along with all of the other varsity players.”

Frazier is able to play all of the positions on the court well. She isn’t just athletic, she also has an impressive basketball IQ and possesses the ability to control the game.

Belle’s a great addition, a really positive kid.

— Lilly Portteus

“She is one of the smartest basketball players that I have ever met. I think that with her humility and her drive to be great, she has the potential to be great.” said Coach Snyder.

With a talented new teammate and fresh coaching staff, the girls and the coaches are excited to take on the upcoming season. They are hoping to pull out a league championship for the first time ever. Frazier may be this year’s impressive new player, but all of the girls on the team have risen to the challenge. They are stepping up and showing their skills on the court.