Levenseller: Former Football Player Now Focuses on Coaching and Teaching


Cassandra Bundrick

PE teacher, Mr. Levenseller, watches as his class runs.

Peter Murphy, Reporter

Many PHS students know Steve Levenseller as the physical education teacher who enjoys playing games, exercising, and having fun. Levenseller may come off of as a funny guy and a cool teacher, but back in his football days, he was a serious contender in the football community.   

Levenseller was a star cornerback at Curtis High School in 1975. After graduating, he attended the University of Puget Sound (UPS),  where he had big shoes to fill as the starting cornerback. He tackled the pressure with no problem, achieving starting player status all four years at UPS.

After graduating from UPS, Levenseller went on to play in several preseason games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He even tried out for the New York Jets.

Unfortunately, Levenseller’s football plans didn’t pan out. With his football career coming to close, he knew that there was only one other job for him: teaching. Levenseller wanted to give back to the community and to help kids receive the best education possible, and he knew that he would have fun all the while.

“The academic and athletic environment was so personal between the teachers and students at Curtis,” said Levenseller. “I knew teaching and coaching were for me.”

Levenseller is doing just that. As a PE teacher and coach, he forms personal bonds with his students and players, such as JT Schmidt, a junior. Schmidt has played football every year and was also in Levenseller’s classes.

“He’s just such a fun teacher; he really goes the distance and makes his classes fun,” said Schmidt.

When teachers put in that extra effort to make their classes fun, it shows. Levenseller receives praise from many of his students for making his class and sports enjoyable for students of all athletic abilities.

“He’s a good guy, a great coach, and an awesome teacher,” said Schmidt.

Looking back, Levenseller misses his days of playing football. However, he has an immensely positive impact on the football community here at Peninsula by coaching.

“Coaching and teaching has been my passion, and will always be my passion; there is nothing better than seeing the positive impact you make in a young person’s life.” said Levenseller.