American Sniper becomes American classic

Lexi Graham, Reporter

What does it mean to be a sniper in the Navy SEAL? This is one of the most personal questions someone could ask a sniper. Some say being a sniper is a cowardice job and that is their opinion. Others say that it is a dirty, exhausting, and pointless job. But the overall good that comes from being a sniper is they save lives. People think about saving their peers and themselves but they save millions of people in their own country and the country they are fighting in as well.

American Sniper is a movie and autobiography about Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL (warfare on sea, air, and land) veteran. His position as a Navy SEAL was deadly. His nickname was the Legend, given to him by other Navy SEALs, another nickname was given to him by the Iraqi insurgents, Shaitan Al-Ramadi which means The Devil of Ramadi. During Kyle’s time in Iraq, a bounty was put out for his head (Another Navy SEAL’s picture was on the flyer and he ended up being shot twice but survived).

American Sniper is truly an Oscar worthy film. It is one of the biggest movies in the country right now as well and has a Best Picture Oscar nomination and five others. Throughout the movie, it pans over his entire life starting out with him as a child, soon growing into a young man that joins the army. Kyle joins when he unexpectedly found Navy SEALs at a mall. He joins BUDS, basic schooling: pre-Navy SEAL, and then goes on to become a SEAL.

During Kyle’s schooling, he meets his wife, gets married, and when he leaves for his first tour. Many things happen in the time frame of his wedding and when he comes back.

Kyle goes on three more tours and finds secrets no one ever would have thought of. The job tests him not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. He decides that the best thing was to leave the Navy SEALs after his fourth tour.

After coming home, Kyle helped military veterans for years and on Feb. 2 2013, he was unfortunately murdered along with a friend of his when he was helping the murderer and the murdered. The trial has just started in Texas.

There was an element of romance, (e.g. his romance with his wife) for the movie-goers that do not necessarily like war, there was war for the viewers that like war movies (e.g. his tours to Iraq), and angst for everyone (e.g. the multiple deaths in the movie).

Kyle was the deadliest sniper in American history, with 160 confirmed kills and 255 claimed kills. Claimed kills are unconfirmed but the shot hits its target.

I loved it. The movie made me cry five times. I, unfortunately, did not read the book before hand, since I did not know there was an autobiography until after the movie. I recommend watching this movie, you will be pleased. My money was well spent. Two thumbs up.