Girls basketball finishes with a swish

Rachel Smith, Reporter

girls bball
Mr. and Mrs. Kvinsland Photo

The swift bounce of a ball echoes throughout the gym.  As fans look on in suspense,  the ball flies through the air, falling into the hoop silently. The swing of the net is the only reminder that a point has been scored. The Seahawk girls basketball season has been filled with many memories of games, won and lost.

“The most memorable part of the season was probably senior night because we were playing the top team Auburn  Mountainview, who is undefeated. There was a few close games but senior night was the closest game we had. We went into double overtime which we ended up losing but we tried hard for our seniors, it was a good game,” sophomore Jolene Kvinsland said.

The season began in December and ended the first week of February. Throughout the two months the team was able to grow and bond. The players dedicated multiple hours everyday after school for basketball,  improving on both their ability to work as a team and their individual skills.

“We each put in about two hours of practice and then some of us would practice at home when we were working on something new, “ said senior Rilee Zilkey, who has four years of experience playing on the seahawk girls basketball team.

For many of the girls, basketball has been a major part of their lives from the time they were young.

“ I’ve played basketball since first grade, maybe even kindergarten. [After high school] I  want to coach younger kids in basketball and give them some knowledge about the whole game,” sophomore Shelly Lauderbaugh said.

Lauderbaugh and other varsity team players that are returning next year for another season, have already made plans as to what the team needs to improve on and what they need to work on individually in order to have an increased amount of success on the court.

“I think our whole team could benefit with working on shooting. I feel that [the team] could improve by working [together] and getting our offensive and defensive down, all [of the players] being on the same page at the same time,” Kvinsland said.

Despite the improvements that some players felt could have been made on the court, many felt numerous improvements had already been made throughout the season.

“Our guards really stepped up and performed beyond when we asked them to,” Zilkey said.

Each of the players on the Seahawk varsity girls basketball team worked hard throughout the season, putting their skills to use on the court in every game. Despite a season primarily filled with losses, the team came together and performed to the best of their ability.

“I’m proud of how we came together as a team and really played for each other,” Zilkey said.