Things To Do This Holiday Season!

Things To Do This Holiday Season!

Caitlyn Anderson

With Winter approaching, It’s time to get into the Christmas Spirit and enjoy the festivities that come with this amazing time of the year. Today I have gathered four things to do in the winter time and embrace the crisp, cold air of December through February. 

#1:  Zoolights:

Zoolights is definitely a local phenomenon every year. Everyone around the Tacoma- Gig Harbor area looks forward to spending the evening at Zoolights once a year. During this time, The Point Defiance Zoo is covered with over 700,000 lights created this winter wonderland filled with bright colored, beaming animal structures. This year Zoolights will be November 29th – January 5th from 5:00 – 9:00 pm.

#2:  Skiing:

Skiing is a very popular thing that people around the area love to do! To celebrate the season of snowy days, taking skis or snowboards up the mountain is a super fun way to spend the day with family and friends! Crystal Mountain, Hurricane Ridge, and Snoqualmie. You can also snow-tube, snowboard, and ski on these mountains for recreational fun with an incredible view. 

#3: Visit Leavenworth: 

If you get the chance this holiday season, visiting the beautiful Bavarian styled village would make for a great time. In the winter time, Leavenworth is covered from top to bottom in Christmas lights and decorations. It has so much to offer and is a prime destination for tourists in the winter time. The city lights up at night and has many celebrations throughout the Christmas season. If able to, visiting this winter wonderland would be one amazing way to spend the weekend! 


#4: Bellevue Snowflake Lane:

Annually, the city of Bellevue, Washington has a mini holiday parade outside of the Bellevue Square Mall. Winter characters walk down the road while singing and playing festive music and parading on floats. The area is brightened by lit lights and magical “snow” falling through the area. It is located along the sidewalks and performs nightly from Nov. 29th- Dec. 24th at 7 pm . This show lasts around twenty minutes and leaves the audience full of smiles and holiday spirit! Be sure to check out Snowflake Lane with your family, friends, or significant other this holiday season!