Boys water polo team finishes with a splash

Sydney Heinemann, Reporter

The boys water polo team played hard and had a very successful season this year.

“I think the season went alright,” senior William Weron said.

Weron has played water polo for three years, and wants to keep playing. He says he loves everything about the sport; the work out, the way its played. One of Weron’s favorite memories of the season was when they jumped into the pool “high school musical style” for the senior picture.

“It doesn’t matter how good one person is, it matters about the whole team. You have to rely on each other,” Weron said.

The boys didn’t make it to state but they were tied for second place in the Narrows League. Wilson scored one more point than they did and the boys ended up third.

Something Weron and fellow teammate, senior Alex Wenman, were both proud of was that they “smashed” Gig Harbor twice. Wenman is a captain on the swim team and this was his first year playing water polo. “Its difficult but it pays off if you work hard,” Wenman said.  “I guess [I see] myself more of a water polo player than a swimmer.”

Chelsea Lanning is the head coach of the boys water polo team. She has been coaching for five years around Washington and for two years at the school.

“My favorite memories always include watching the players grow as a team,” Lanning said. “Especially seeing new players learn a new skill and apply it in a game.”

The boys improved which is great for future years and have hopes of making it to state next year. They weren’t  undefeated, with three league losses,  but still had a great record overall.

“This season was incredibly successful,” Lanning said.