Vaccines: Good or Bad?


Drawing of syringe and vaccine

Victoria Denney, Reporter

Most vaccines protect children from serious illnesses and complications like amputations of an arm or a leg, paralysis, and hearing loss. These vaccines are made to help the immune system develop protection from diseases and helps the body’s immunity which some people find very ineffective while others find them quite useful. We have to admit that a huge percentage of vaccines do save lives, especially world-wide like countries in poverty. 1 in 10 infants worldwide did not receive vaccinations in 2016 according to the most recent WHO and UNICEF immunizations estimates. This means that that these infants missed their first dose of the anti-diphtheria, tetanus, and measles putting them at serious risk for fatal outcomes. “They are extremely important not only for older people and younger people, but even if someone chooses not to get their child vaccinated, you’re putting that child at more of a risk just because they don’t have antibiotics in their body, the can still be carriers of a disease”. Said Emma Wagster, a Senior at PHS. “ honestly I think that vaccines are fine, I mean maybe they will harm some people. “ Said Solaris Ortiz, a Freshmen.

Globally, 85% of of children have been vaccinated with their first dose of the measles vaccine by their first birthday and 64% with their second dose. “We were always told that they were effective,but there are alot of parents that are choosing to not to have that (vaccines)but I feel like that could be a dangerous route and could be a deadly route as well.” Said PHS staff Beverly Zellmann. Now, 152 countries immunize against the rubella syndrome, a horrific disease that causes congenital heart defects, hearing impairment, blindness and other life-long disabilities. For the first time, WHO and UNICEF have collected data on immunization coverage at a good level. Out of 194 countries, 125 have coverage against vaccines. “I’m all for vaccinations. Said Mrs. O’dell of PHS. “You know I know people have reasons, but a lot the reasons are that thinking that they cause autism- it’s been proven that they don’t do that and so people really need to be respectful what society has done so if 95% are getting vaccinated it should be required.”. “ I do think they’re helpful. I have to say I don’t know because I haven’t done any research like that, it seems to me right now vaccines are the best method for protecting the public against disease” Said Elsie Turner.

Now the not-so-good facts

It is true that mild symptoms after vaccinations can occur like redness, fatigue, headache, muscle, joint pain. and soreness where the shot was given But these symptoms can cause a lot of unpleasant feelings wherever you got the shot, This and after these shots you may get a minor fever that will last a day or two. During this time period it makes patients not want to get these shots sense they don’t want to deal with the side effects and feel in pain or light headed. While these incidents occur there are also possible allergic reactions that can happen while getting these needles poked into parts of your body, for instance these needles can cause skin to swell or puffiness to someone whose body cannot handle the vaccine and this is one of the reasons why people don’t particularly like them or think there very quite useful. Therefore vaccines can either be good or bad, this debate has sent people choosing one side or the other but in reality it’s about if they find it useful or effective. During this time it’s still a debate whether it works officially or not but luckily we have patients to test those theories, Otherwise these side effects can either damage your health and leave you in a medium level pain or help out with not catching any viruses or fevers during the seasons. These symptoms are dangerous by the level of how your feeling from a scale of 1-10 and this can go from a fever to just regular joint pain but simply this is doubtful to have pain for a long time unless you have allergies or sensitive skin. Either way hopefully vaccines continue to only upgrade and get better.