Winter Sports Season 2019-2020!


Ethan Olsen

Boys swim team

Callie Anderson, Reporter

    This winter season has brought about the excitement of many different winter sports, girls bowling, wrestling, boys swim & dive, and boys and girls basketball.


Swim and Dive    

John Cizin, a junior this year and captain of the boys swim team, described the team as “Really fun and has a great atmosphere.” Cizin competes in the 200 IM, the 100 butterfly, the medley relay, and the 200 free relay. “If you really like to be on a team… swim is a really good thing for you, especially if you like the water, sometimes we do pasta feeds, and get to eat a lot of food,” Cizin remarked about being on the team. “The hardest part is making sure you make it to all the practices, they’re usually 3 hours and it’s usually everyday except for Sunday but if you can make it to all of them that’s great,” Cizin said about the hardest part about being on the team.

“To stay in shape during the off season I do Crossfit… and this year I joined cross country, and in the summer I’m on the Y swim team.” Cizin said on how he stays in shape for the off season.

This year Cizin plans to beat his previous districts time of one minute and one second.



Peyton Fletcher is a sophomore this year and competing in his second year of wrestling. Peyton joined wrestling because he enjoyed the sport, “Once you get past the mental barrier of the sport, it’s really not that challenging, it is a challenging sport, but just get part that mental barrier you just say to yourself ‘hey I can go more’” Fletcher said about how challenging the sport is. To stay in shape during the off season, Fletcher competes in folkstyle and freestyle wrestling and goes to camps during the summer. “That’s when you see the most growth, because during the season everybody grows the same, But the people who stand out and place in tournaments are the people who do do off season wrestling during the summer” Fletcher said based upon the necessary training to succeed in the sport. “It trains your body to a limit that you would not expect yourself to be at, and it’s a great way to stay in shape and good way to bond with your team” Fletcher said.


Girls Basketball

Ari, a freshman and a team captain, chose to participate in basketball this year because she thought it would be fun and a good experience. “My favorite part is I think like the vibe of the team, because when JV and Varsity and C team are together and we’re all on the bus it’s fun,” Ari said. “Before a meet we’re really hyped, we’re all listening to music, and just hyping each other up.” Ari said about the mood of the team. “The team has a lot of fun, and it’s hard work but it’s worth it”, Ari said upon the team and the difficulties they may face.


Boys Basketball

This year the boys basketball team has not been playing as hard as they have been in past years. The team hopes to change that later in the season.

Jason Jenkins is a sophomore this year and thoroughly enjoys the sport. “I chose to participate in basketball this year because of the experience, I like to play basketball a lot, and I have a lot of fun doing it,” Jenkins said. “The hardest part is coming to practice every day, because we have practice five to six days a week for two plus hours” Jenkins said. “It’s a good opportunity to meet new people and get to know them, I mean, it gets you in shape because it’s a lot of running and overall it’s just really fun to just go out and play” Jenkins said about the team and how much he enjoys it.


Girl’s bowling

Angelina Cruz is a sophomore this year and has been participating in bowling since her freshman year. Cruz chose to participate in bowling this year because everyone on the team is so supportive and kind to one another and it’s just a really good atmosphere.  “Bowling is considered such a fun sport because it is… contrary to what a lot of people think, it can be frustrating at times, especially at meets. But I believe any sport can be fun if you have a positive attitude going into it”, Cruz said. “I think a lot of people look down on bowling and think it’s just an easy sport, I think that’s what I thought at first too. But when I joined the team and understood that there was a lot more than just looking at the pins and throwing the ball”, Cruz said about the team and the difficulties the members faced.