School Issued Chromebooks


Ethan Kelemen

Chromebook at Peninsula High School

Ethan Kelemen, Reporter

Many people at Peninsula High School are getting chromebooks issued by the school for school work. People seem to many mixed feelings about the chromebooks. Over all kids like the idea of using the laptops for school work more, but many dislike that the school are trying to make them use the chrome books not the ones they have and like from home.

Shyan Dalesky (grade 12) said “I have my own laptop why can’t i use it. I like it much more than the chromebooks.” Students are wondering if the school going to inforce only using the chromebooks?  

Some students love the chromebooks. Noah stated “I like the idea of laptops in school and I like that we have the option to get one from the school because not all kids can afford a brand new laptop.”

One option for students is at the end of the year kids can buy the chromebooks for dirt cheep, and the kids next year will have newer chromebooks. Ms. Kurtz said “seniors are going into the real world soon and might not be able to afford a $300 laptop so selling them for cheap to get money for next year’s laptops is genius.”

It seems that the chromebooks are going to be here for good and the change is going to help kids in the future filled with technology.