Burke Griffen: A Sophomore Making an Impact

Sophomore quarterback Burke Griffin.

Michelle Bonds

Sophomore quarterback Burke Griffin.

Austin Twiss, Reporter

Football season has arrived, and at the quarterback position, a new and unexpected face has appeared.  With senior Ryder Johnson ineligible for the first two weeks of play, other quarterbacks had the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Burke Griffin, a sophomore returning from a year away in Ireland, surprised everyone by securing the starting spot. The majority of the team was unsure of Griffin until he proved himself in the first few games of the season. 

“We had a couple of guys going out for QB: a freshman, Jack Hanisch, a junior, Cooper Sims, and Griffin. They all worked hard throughout the summer, all of them are really smart and they all knew what they were doing,” said senior, Cody Kanouse, a highly recruited left tackle.

Eventually, Griffin secured the spot and has led the team to an undefeated start. Griffin expressed his gratitude to teammates and coaches for giving him their faith.  He was very thankful and it was clear he had worked for it.

“When I knew I was going to get the start I was happy that the coaches and my teammates had seen how I could help the team,” Griffin said. “And were giving me the opportunity to do it.”

Burke is listed as a Sophomore, but his confidence and skill clearly suggest otherwise. On and off the football field, Burke had shown leadership skills and has overcome any doubts about him.

While many were still surprised, Griffin proved to be  efficient and successful on the field. He has been the shock factor and tool the team has needed.

I think Burke is doing a great job, definitely one of the most calm people out on the field. That’s really important with him being a leader. With him being so young and not exactly the biggest, he definitely demands people’s attention and respect,” said Kanouse. “He has one of the biggest motors I’ve seen in a long time.”

The Peninsula Seahawks were to play top ten ranked Mt. Spokane High School, in Spokane, for the first game of the season.

“Before the game I was a little nervous but not because of the other team. I knew I was prepared but I didn’t want to let my teammates down and I wanted to make sure all the seniors got the start to the season they wanted,” Griffin said.

The first game of the year proved to be quite a shocker to Peninsula fans. After a complete shutout, and Griffin’s first game as starting quarterback, head coach Ross Filkins had some nice things to say about his performance.

“He played very well,” Filkins said. “He was very steady, a calming influence. He goes through his progressions and he’s a very intelligent kid. He did a good job keeping the offense flowing.”

After week two passed against a competitive Stadium team, Griffin again led the team to a close victory. While his stats were nothing exceptional, there was no doubt he played a key role in the first victories.

Fishbowl week came around in full effect, and questions arose as who would start: Johnson or Griffin. Sure enough, the sophomore took the field to begin the battle of the bowl, and this time the game really mattered (Gig Harbor is now apart of the new SSC league along with Peninsula).

Griffin, while not putting points on the board, kept the team under control and stayed positive, pulling off a solid victory.

“Even though he doesn’t have much experience under his belt he plays like a senior,” senior running back, Cameron Lewis, said. “In the huddle we don’t see him as a wide-eyed scared sophomore. We see our quarterback.”

Regardless of the quarterback’s statistical contributions, the fact remains Griffin has an impact on the field no matter what. Not to mention, his intense passion for the sport only propels the team forward.

“I play football for the Friday nights out on the field with all the guys who have put hours and hours of work with me; the feeling of brotherhood which is unlike anything else,” he said.

After an undefeated start, the youthful quarterback believes this team has exponential potential.

“I want to go to the Tacoma Dome and bring home the state championship,” he said. “I truly believe that our team has the talent and staff to do it. It is now a matter of time.”

While Griffin’s long term status on the team is sealed and ultimately number one, one certainty follows: Burke has earned the utmost faith of his teammates and wants to accomplish great things. The Seahawks look to achieve far above expectations this year with Griffin leading the surge.