What To Expect In Summer 2023


Aliyah Newton

Summer is filled with hot days, vacations, sunburns, pool days, and so much more. Most of us can hardly wait for summer to arrive every year. Get ready to kick back and relax on June 21. Grab a fun drink, such as a cold lemonade or a fresh smoothie, and let that summer tan return. 

If you are looking to fill up your calendar, countless events are happening in and near Seattle. Many spontaneous festivals will be taking place throughout the summer, including the Improv Comedy Festival(July 1-2), Jazz Festival(July 13), Tacoma Arts Festival(July 9), West Seattle Festival(July 14-16), Lavender Festival(July 21-23) and many more. These are open to everyone, so you and your family can join the fun. 

There are a few cheaper options for a summer adventure. You could take a relaxing hike in the woods. McCormick Forest Park and Gateway Park are great options and are always accessible to the public. You could also take your lunch to the next level and have a picnic in your backyard. A relaxing day of kayaking or paddle boarding at a nearby lake is also a great option. Free baby train rides are available in Port Orchard from July 1 to October 1; This is a great option if your family is in town. Little kids will love the ride.   

Taylor Swift is taking the stage at Pioneer Square in Seattle July 22-23. Tickets range from $608-$12,600. Even though it is pricey, Taylor Swift is currently rated 3rd out of all singers across the world. March 26 the Tacoma Dome is hosting Jeff Dunham, and on October 7 Morgan Wallen will take the stage. The Tacoma Dome is also showing a Winter Jam on March 24 starring We The People, Jeremy Camp, Andy Mineo, and Anne Willson. 

Not only will this summer be filled with hundreds of events, but the sun will also be shining bright. Weather is predicted to be in the high 80s most days, with only two rainy days forecasted. The last weekend in July is forecasted to be in the low 100s and the high 90s. Hopefully, your summer will be filled with memories of barbeques and long naps. 



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