Don’t Underestimate the C-team


Courtesy - PHS Yearbook

The C-Team prepares to exit the bus before Guppy Bowl. (Pictured left to right: Evan Eudy, Keilan Shrewsberry, Kennon Chaney, Matthew Turnbull)

Daniel Fendel, Reporter

C-team Football is often underestimated and ignored because the junior varsity and varsity teams absorb most of the attention. This year, the team proved that they deserve to be noticed because they have improved dramatically from past seasons.

“There has been a lot of improvement, and so far, I’ve learned a lot; the team has learned a lot as well,” said Braeden Potter, one of the team captains.  “We’ve been getting some wins.”

The team has been focusing on winning every week. All of the athletes are dedicated to supporting each other and helping their teammates get through the season. However, now that the end of the season is near, the players are focused on rising to  JV or even varsity next year.

Over the course of the season, the team went 6-3-1 and became one of the best teams in the league. The team members are proud of what they have done because they have worked for every win every week and they practice hard. All of their hard work has made them as close as a family.

“I think it’s really cool how we can all pull together and figure stuff out because we’re all brothers,” said Adam Pate, one of the C-team captains. “Our coaches really pulled us together as a family and a team.”

At the beginning of the season, a number of C-team members knew very little about playing football. Some players didn’t even know how to form a three point stance and couldn’t get through a conditioning practice without losing their breakfast. These athletes may have struggled at the beginning of the season, but the coaches brought them all together, helping them to have a winning season. Everyone has made great improvement from start to finish.

“I feel great about this C-team. They have come a long way. They are doing a great job of working everyday and supporting each other on and off the field, and I think that’s the most important thing,” said Coach Filkins.