Best sports commercials of all time

James Klumker, Reporter

Reebok Terry Tate Super Bowl commercial





1. Terry Tate office linebacker

Considered one of the best super bowl/sports commercials of all time, “Ron Felcher” of “Felcher’s and Son’s”, hires a massive linebacker (Terry Tate) to help the company set their assets straight… Take a look.

pepsi max and kyrie irving uncle drew part 1 part 2 part 3 full hd




2. Uncle Drew Pepsi max commercial

Former All-star MVP, Rookie of the year, 2013 three point shooting champion, and current Cleveland Cavalier,  Kyrie Irving is the most versatile 65 year old in the nation, and quite possibly the world. In this trilogy, Uncle Drew recruits his old team mates and reunite by playing some “old school” basketball at some street ball courts in various places. But these ol’ timers are not what they seem…

Fast Don't Lie Commercial - Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose with Ken Jeong


3. Slim Chin Adidas commercial with Dwight Howard

Ken Jeong IS Slim Chin. In this hilarious footlocker commercial starring Ken Jeong, Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard, Howard and Jeong contemplate an appealing beat they want to listen to, and after a few missed notes, Howard plays the perfect, groovy beat to rap to and advertise his slick new shoes. The point of this commercial is to advertise Howard’s “Beast” basketball shoes at footlocker.

Blake and Drain


4. Dr. Drain and Blake Griffin Jordan commercial

You can call him Dr. Drain, but only if he is on Blake Griffin’s team. A thirteen year old calls himself Dr. Drain because he thinks he makes every single shot he takes, but without Blake Griffin he is just a kid that can throw a basketball in the air from behind the arc. Dr. Drain just so happens to give Griffin perfect alley-oops.

Foot Locker's Week Of Greatness 2013: All Is Right


5. Footlocker “All is right” commercial

In this non-fiction, yes non-fiction, commercial about real athletes doing real things, Kyrie Irving compares the “week of greatness” with the best kicks at footlocker, to athletes doing good deeds not just for themselves, but for the good of the people…