Head football coach receives award from NFL


Colvin Bowen & Jackie Haines

Hunter Mckenzie

As of the morning of September 19th, head football coach Ross Filkins received the Seattle Seahawks high school “Coach of the Week” award. This award includes a $500 grant for the program, a $250 Sports Authority gift card, an authentic Seahawks jacket, and a personalized football for the recipient. The NFL High School Coach of the Week award winners in Washington State are selected by members of the Washington State Football Coaches Association.

“I am honored. its a great thing for the whole team, because it’s not an individual award, its for everybody, coaching staff and players included.” Filkins said.

Since there is a monetary award, naturally the question arises, where will the money go?

“The Team is given a grant for $500. The plan for the money is for it to be used for awards for the players and other things for the team to reward them.” Filkins said.

At the end of the year, one coach will receive the Jim Ennis Award for High School Coach of the Year. This year, the NFL High School Coach of the Year for Washington State will receive a $2,000 grant.

On top of everything else, Filkins gets to attend the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers game on December 14th in Seattle.

“It will be fun to go and see the game.” Filkins said. “Especially while representing Peninsula.”