The Town of Leavenworth


Landan Hambly

One of my favorite traditions in my family for the holiday season is our annual winter trip to the town of Leavenworth. Every year, usually in late December or early January, my family goes on a road trip to Leavenworth for around three or four days. We explore the town, observe the beautiful scenery, go shopping, and participate in different activities.


Leavenworth is a small town in the Northern Alps known for its unique bavarian architectural style and beautiful natural surroundings.  It was founded in 1885 by a group of homesteaders who originally called it “Icicle.” However, the town didn’t adopt the unique look it is known for until the 1960s when the mining, railroad, fruit, and lumbering industries.   When the  town could no longer to prosper from these industries and not able to keep the economy afloat, and the key business owners decided to use the beautiful surroundings and an old bavarian inspired style for the buildings to turn it into the tourist location we know today.


Another thing the town is known for, and my favorite part, is all the niche and unusual shops. There are so many unique shops for so many different things. The Nutcracker Museum, The Cheesemongers Shop, and The Hat and Wood Shop are some of the most popular. There are also many other stores ranging from a tea shop that sells a massive variety of teas to a store that sells Christmas-related items year-round. 


My favorite shop is Krampus Kave. Krampus Kave is a comic store. Besides obviously having comics and mangas, the store has several fantastic products that many comics fans would appreciate, such as tabletop games and character figures. The store also has merchandise for many different phantoms, such as Marvel, Star Wars, Naruto, and many more.


This little town is a joy to visit, and if you’re looking to escape from reality, Leavenworth is a great choice! It’s incredibly charming, and there’s a plethora of events to participate in and stores to visit. There are so many activities to do and things to explore. Overall, this town is a great tourist location and a great getaway from the real world with its scenery that feels straight out of a fairytale world.



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