When is too Early to Start Celebrating Christmas?

When is too Early to Start Celebrating Christmas?

Grace Roberts


Thanksgiving has passed, meaning a lot of us right are pulling out the Christmas decorations, but some people already had them up and out. There has been an ongoing debate on whether it is appropriate to start preparing for Christmas in early November before Thanksgiving has even arrived. This is a very split topic as many people disagree on the appropriate timing to start celebrations of these widely loved holidays. So is it deemed okay to put the tree up early, or is it meant to be kept away until closer to Christmas?

On one side, people should wait to celebrate Christmas until the end of November or early December. Or otherwise, not until after Thanksgiving, as you don’t need to celebrate one holiday while another one that some people seem to think has a greater significance is closer. Thanksgiving serves as a commemoration of the harvest feast that took place in 1621 with English colonists. Seeing as the meaning of this celebration is to give thanks and acknowledgment to our lives in the idea that we have more to be grateful for than we think, some see it as unappreciative to seemingly dismiss it in spirit for a highly favored holiday.

Opposingly, some believe you can celebrate Thanksgiving while preparations such as decorating or festive music take place beforehand. Many view Christmas as more than just a day-long occasion but a season containing joy and celebrations. These people often get the tree up with decorations in early November, causing some to wince as they perceive it too early.

Some deem Thanksgiving a forgotten holiday as people get so excited to show their Christmas spirit that they focus less on the day when they have a nice meal. The annual debate furthers as some argue that the mass marketing of the Christmas season has been the reason for the often not-so-patient wait for December 25th. Before Halloween even passes, stores begin clearing out the isles in preparation to restock them with festive decorations and clothing. Advertisements inarguably increase Christmas shopping. Gift guides come out mid-October sending half the population into a frenzy searching for gifts, creating lists, and putting out the lights.

Celebrating Christmas so early reminds people of happy memories associated with the season. However, being started so early, it is easy for some to lose their spirit over the two months. People only have so many Christmas sweaters, and the same music on repeat can get boring, which often leads to a disappointing Christmas. It is not uncommon for people, especially teens on social media, to start posting about how their favorite holiday didn’t quite feel the same.                                                             

Although there are contrasting points of view that differ from person to person, people who choose to celebrate can join together to celebrate both, even if it may be considered too early or too late.                         



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