Peninsula High School GSA

Peninsula High School GSA

AJ Casaus, Opinion

Peninsula High School’s Gay Straight Alliance club is a place of acceptance, no matter who you are. It is a place without judgment towards each other. People at school can often feel closed off from others because of their identity. Who doesn’t have a place to belong because they don’t have anyone to relate to? It is amazing to have a community where people can come together and feel like they belong, no matter who they are. Regardless of your race, sexuality, or gender Peninsula’s Gay Straight Alliance club is always there to include you. 

I interviewed a member and this is what they had to say: “At Gay Straight Alliance, we do activities that bring us together. We have lots of fun doing fundraisers for our club, such as the photography event we did at lunch or the parades and events held that we do to advertise. Overall, it’s very fun and a place where people can socialize, come together, and make friends.”

Peninsula’s GSA has attended Gig Harbor’s downtown parade, where they passed out a donation of pride flags and candy in support of electing Emily Randal for state senate. They have also made several posters around the school that encourage inclusion. There are just the few that have happened recently, but more fundraisers are coming.

Especially when you feel like you don’t belong in the clicks or groups at our school, the GSA is always inclusive. From attending the school and going to their meetings, the people there seem incredibly nice and welcoming. After attending a few times, I have nothing bad to say about this club. If you are thinking of joining, I would definitely recommend it if you want a cool place to meet members of your community.