Homecoming is here!


Ava Meikle, Opinions

One of the most well-known high school dances or events is Homecoming. Homecoming is just one of the many events that will occur throughout a person’s time in high school, but for many people it’s the most exciting one. Why is it so exciting? What makes Homecoming different from any other dance?

Homecoming is like a downsized version of Prom. Most people go to Homecoming to see friends, dance and have a good time with friends or a partner. Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors especially enjoy Homecoming because while Prom is for Seniors only, Homecoming is something that everyone can attend. 

One thing that people look forward to before Homecoming is getting asked to the dance. One of the most common ways people ask someone to be their date to Homecoming is with a poster. Sometimes people will have flowers and/or chocolates as well. There is no doubt that people enjoy going all out for this event. 

Many people like to shop for dresses and other formal things to wear to the dance. Lots of stores become packed with students trying on dresses and outfits during this time. Since Homecoming is more formal than Spring Fling but less formal than Prom, the dress styles can vary based on students’ interpretation. Typically, there is a theme for the dance. The most popular Homecoming themes are on the fancy side, like city themes or ballroom themes. However, Homecoming themes do not have to be formal. They can also be something unusual and unique.  

Before or after Homecoming, a big football game usually will take place. There is usually a pep rally the day of or the day before to get everyone hyped for the game.  Sometimes people will get asked to Homecoming at the game, though most people seem to try and ask earlier in advance. Another thing that typically occurs the week before Homecoming are spirit days to get everyone excited for the dance. 


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