AP World History

Alexander Johnston, Writer

AP World History is the gateway that teaches skills to create an efficient and amazing student.  AP World History covers complex content, but you are learning our world’s history and receiving cheap college credit while doing it. 

You receive college credit, meaning less money spent in college. To receive credit for the course you have to score a 3-5 on the AP exam depending on the school you’re applying to.  

In prior years, the class covered all world history, but it recently divided into two classes, allowing a much easier workload for students.  Last year, it started with the paleolithic time period and followed mankind’s journey through the first civilizations such as Mesopotamia and the development of writing across the world as well as how each civilization grew and morphed today’s society. Now it is separated to allow students to delve deeper into the building of Mesopotamia, Indus valley, and all other peoples 

AP classes are not for the unmotivated however; if a student is dedicated to their grades and education it will turn out well.  That being said, students who care will gain crucial life skills such as time management and work ethic, as well as an in depth knowledge of history.