Mid Winter Break 2020

Amelia Shefler

 These are the people that i interviewed before Mid- Winter Break and after Mid-Winter Break. I asked different people to answer these interview questions. 

Before Mid-Winter Break: 

  1. Where are you going? 

  Ben Goins is going to Big Bend Flight School.

  Cameron Watkins is going to South Carolina, and Dallas.

  Jonah Derrick is going to Vancouver, Alabama. 

  Alli Kimball is going to Western Washington University.


2. Why are you going?

   Ben Goins is going to visit Big Bend Flight School. 

   Cameron Watkins is going for football.

   Jonah Derrick is going to visit his family.

   Alli Kimball is going for a softball camp.


3. How long are you going?

  Ben Goins is going for only 3 days.

Cameron Watkins is going for only 1 week.

Jonah Derrick is going for 1 week.

Allie Kimball is going for only 1 day.

4. What are you planning to do? 

Allie Kimball is going to eat sushi.

Cameron Watkins is going to eat good food.

Jonah Derrick is going to take my nephews to a   basketball game. 

Ben Goins is going to tour the school.

5. Are you excited to go?

Allie Kimball is very excited to go to the soft ball camp.

Cameron Watkins is really happy that he is practicing football.

Jonah Derrick is very delighted to go to Vancouver Alabama. 

Ben Goins is very excited  about going to Big Bend Flight School.


 After Mid-Winter Break: 

  1. Did you have fun?

Marji did have fun. 

Ben Goins had a wonderful time.

Jonah Derrick did have fun.

2. Who did you go with?

 Jonah Derrick flew by himself.

Ben Goins went with his mom. 

Marji stayed home with her mom and her family.

3. What did you do there?

Ben Goins visited the campus.

 Marji just stayed home.

Jonah Derrick hung out with his nephews.


4. How was the weather?

Ben Goins had pretty good weather that was sunny/cold.

Marji’s weather was amazing and she even got to visit a garden.

 Jonah Derrick’s weather was very good mostly sunny but a little rain/snow. 

  1. What was your most favorite part  of the trip?

Ben Goins favorite part was visiting the airplanes.

Marji’s favorite part was sleeping in and watching movies.

Jonah Derrick’s favorite part was going to the movies and playing games with his family. 


Interesting facts: 

Jonah Derrick has 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and ½ step sister. The brothers names are Toby, Aaron, and Brennan. The girls names are Mackenzie, and Alyssa. The step sister name is Juan. The youngest brother is Toby and the oldest brother is Brennan.