Community in Schools


Hailey Ruckle, writer

The community in schools program is a great place for opportunity. 1 and 6 children under the age of 18 live in poverty In a recent interview with Miss Wendy the representative of communities in schools in our district/for PHS has given me lots of info that I really want others to notice and pass along to our peers. Communities In Schools program were founded in 1977 and founded by Bill Milliken(

Many schools have issues keeping kids on the right track for staying in school and graduating with a high school diploma. But there are many kids that aren’t able to make it to school everyday not because they don’t want to. We all have struggles and there are many people in our community that could help you or others. You’re not alone.

Communities In Schools all over the US approximately 24 states have inquired about this program. Not only does Communities In Schools help with transportation also can help with housing and or food situations. Throughout the years this organization has helped an abundant amount of young adults. In Bills website( the founder), he says “It’s a relationship, not a program that changes children.” In his web site, he believes that the relationship with the students will help them get through the high school part of their life.