Off Campus Lunch Spots

Delicious Panda Express served to go.

Cole McVay

Delicious Panda Express served to go.

Cole McVay, Reporter

At Peninsula High School, going off campus for lunch is a privilege and a blessing. If you are one of the students lucky enough to take advantage of this opportunity you know how lucky you are. However with so many hot lunch spots to choose from, it could be a struggle choosing one restaurant over another. With so many potential options near Peninsula it may be hard to choose between delicious restaurants like McDonald’s, Panda Express, Qdoba, Costco, and Subway. But the question is, where is the best spot to stop for your mid day snack?

McDonald’s offers a variety of foods and allows you to save money because of the low prices. Junior Jude Endsley believes that McDonald’s is the best spot for him because of the low prices and great food. “For me McDonald’s works the best because I can get  three cheeseburgers for three dollars, you just can’t beat that.” McDonald’s is also very convenient because of how speedy they get the food in the customers hand.

Panda Express allows you to experience a little bit of more a restaurant type feel with great selection on food.  Junior Maeve Griffin said “I am a fan of all places, but especially Panda Express.” At Panda Express, can always rely on great service and a great time 

Qdoba serves high quality food with high quality taste. Junior Kaytlin Edwards is a big fan of Qdoba. She said “Qdoba is my favorite spot to go because I love their nachos. I can’t get enough of them.” Qdoba also offers good portion size per plate which is one of the things that makes their restaurant so good.

Costco is one of the fan favorites, every time you walk into the food court during lunch hours it’s always packed with students. Senior Griffin Bakken said “I love Costco, because it’s cheap and I like the taste of their high quality food.” You can’t blame the students for loving Costco, because Costco let’s all students get the most bang for their buck.

Subway flies under the radar, however don’t sleep on the fresh sandwiches that are always served with a smile. Subway is always a great choice because of how quick and healthy it is.

 Students are fans of all the restaurants but certainly some restaurants serve more appeal than others.

After weeks of long deep thoughts and multiple visits at all of these fine restaurants a conclusion has been reached. In my personal opinion McDonald’s gets the crown as the top lunch spot followed by Costco, Qdoba, Subway, and lastly Panda Express. All restaurants are great spots for all students just right now McDonald’s holds the top spot.