How Songs Affect People   


Zachary Ruckle, yearbook

Why do people listen to music, and how does it affect us? A lot of people say that when they listen to music, it calms them down, and they are not wrong. It does help relieve a good amount of stress. Not only does it relieve stress, but it also keeps you motivated while doing chores and workouts.

The reason music (mainly calming music) can cause a person to loosen up and get rid of stress is music triggers this chemical emotion when you’re deeply listening to relaxing music. One of the main chemicals it releases is serotonin. Serotonin is released when you’re feeling happy or safe. What serotonin does is it moves throughout most of your body, making you happy; you could also go to the beach or watch the sunset while listening to calming music.

Music is beneficial to society because it makes people feel happy and helps them not worry so much about what’s happening around them. Students also listen to music to block out the world and distractions to focus better. When someone is down or upset, they listen to music to calm them down and make them feel better.

The music we choose to listen to can affect our mental state. When we listen to music that is more positive, it can give us a better attitude and help us get through the day. Music motivates us to keep working when we are tired and weary. It re-inspires us to do the thing we gave up on and thought we wouldn’t try again. It functions to improve our physical and mental health. If you like to work out, high-tempo music helps you work out with a motivated mentality, where you tell yourself to keep going and not give up. 

If you aren’t feeling your best and need a mood boost, then try listening to uplifting or positive music. If you need to get work done and just can’t focus or find the motivation, try listening to music. Music won’t fix all your problems, so you shouldn’t rely on music for everything, but it is helpful in many ways. 



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