Freshman Views


Baylen Quintana

Lucas Urvina and Caleb Novak excited for high school

Baylen Quintana-Blea, Reporter

As most of you know, this year PHS had brought in the biggest freshman class in history, totaling 397.  Since there was such a huge amount this year, I wanted to know their views and opinions on PHS so far. So in doing so, four freshmen were interviewed. Their names are Yzahir Cornelio, Wyatt Martin, Caleb Novak, and Lucas Urvina. All of them went to KPMS and came up to Peninsula high school earlier this year.

During the summer, after middle school and going in to high school, is a time of speculation, and maybe even a little fright. Nobody knows what high school is fully like until you are actually in it. “I thought that it was going to be easier than what it is, we actually have to do the work to get by.” Caleb said. “It seems like a fun, new experience.” Yzahir said.

Some people might not even have a perspective about high school, they do not know what to expect and when the time comes, are ready to tackle the obstacles ahead. “I didn’t really know what to expect, I guess I’m just going with the flow.” Wyatt said.

Then came their first days, our high school is pretty well known for its welcoming community, despite the stereotypes that upperclassmen and sophomores may have on freshman. “It looked like they were glad we were here” Yzahir said. “They cared about us and were willing to get to know us” Wyatt said. High school can be a tricky thing to get used to, and so I wanted to get their opinion on how they have adapted to high school during their first month. Here is what they said: “So far it’s been better than middle school, although I did not prepare myself for the work.” Lucas said.

“It has been pretty fun so far, but harder than I thought it would be” Wyatt said. What I wanted to know originally is how has their experience been overall this past month.  When asked, they all have liked it. “Right now I am having a good time being here” Wyatt said. “I like high school a lot, I feel like I have way more freedom here than I did when I was in middle school.” Lucas said.

Overall, it seems safe to say that the class of 2022 has been enjoying their year so far, and hopefully more to come.