2017 ASB Candidates


Dora Vaughn

Why are you running for ASB President?

“I’m running for president because in my eighth grade year Katie Jackson was running for president and she got me to run for senator and since then I’ve ran three years in a row for ASB senator. I think ASB really creates role models in people and brings a lot of inspiration to this school, and I want to be that role model like Katie Jackson was for me.”

Kyle Mabee

Why are you running for ASB President?

“I thought to myself I could probably help improve this school and make it a better place in my eyes. I’m not doing it for popularity, I just think that service is a good thing and I want to make these people’s lives better. And I can do it in my own weird way of thinking outside the box, in which thinking inside the box is not my thing.”


Vice President

Connor Bass

Why are you running for ASB Vice President?

“Obviously I really love Peninsula a lot, I care about each and every student here and every success that happens means a lot to me and I would like to promote all those successes, big or small. I really love being involved in leadership and everything I can here at Peninsula. I’m involved in a lot of sports and the choir and everything, I just love immersing myself at Peninsula. I would love to use my possible future Vice President position to do that even more so.”

Brayden Hester

Why are you running for ASB Vice President?

“I’m running because I’ve always wanted to be an exec. since freshman year, and I want to make a difference for the school. I want every kid that goes to our school to be excited when they come and walk in. I want everyone to feel welcome, I want all clubs, activities, programs, and sports to be represented equally in this school.”



Audrey Lauer

Why are you running for ASB Secretery

“I’ve been in leadership every year I’ve been at peninsula, as well as in middle school. I really like the atmosphere at Peninsula and I just want to continue helping promote kindness and being intentional every day. I want to be a leader every day not just being a leader during homecoming or at fishbowl.”



Madalyn Weisweaver

Why are you running for ASB Treasurer?

“I’m running for ASB, well actually it was more of a on-the-fly decision, I want to be apart of something bigger than just coming to school and going to classes. I want to create activities that are more inviting of everyone because I feel like now they’re just the popular kids competing and participating in activities, so I want it to be everyone and everyone can help with fundraisers as well. I want school to be fun!”

Not Pictured: Bailey Paul