Hit TV Show Limitless is Legit


Daniel Fendel Reviews Hit Tv Show Limitless

Daniel Fendel, Reporter

If you had the chance to take a pill that allowed you to access 100% of your brain and recall any memory you’ve ever had, would you take it? A man named Brian Finch on the hit show Limitless took the famous pill, NZT, and became the smartest person on the Earth.
Before NZT, Brian was an unsuccessful musician, who was looked at poorly by his family and friends. After NZT, Brian became a productive crime fighting machine.

Limitless: a mix of humor, drama, and action. You may think that’s a weird mix of traits for a TV show, but with the right actors and actresses it adds to the quality of the show. For example, Brian Finch (Greek’s Jake McDorman), is the perfect actor to add the right amount of humor and drama.

Limitless has inspired me to become the Brian Finch on NZT, and not to be the Brian Finch without NZT. This show is worth watching for the insane humor and sarcasm within the characters and plot. As you get deeper in the show you will feel you are apart of the story. With Limitless containing crazy crime-busting scenes in almost every episode, viewers will find themselves binge watching till 1:00 am on a weekday.

There are some things in this show that are sanctioned by God. For example, the balance between comedy and drama is wonderful. Limitless is very funny throughout the season, making me smile even on the worst days.

I’m not going to lie, this TV show was very boring at times, but every show has its moments. I am happy that I did not stop watching, because as the season went on, the story started to grow into something very entertaining.

If you’re sitting at home, scrolling through Netflix, you just finished a show, and you’re in a show depression, I would highly recommend watching Limitless. It is the perfect show for a lot of people, including myself, who have a picky TV preference.

Overall this show is pretty legit in my opinion. But, throughout the season, Limitless was like riding a roller coaster it had its ups and downs, lefts and rights, and over and unders. All in all I would rate Limitless a solid 7.3/10; it’s a pretty good show.