101 Things To Be Thankful For (2.0)


Madeleine Johnson

Madeleine gives 101 things to be happy about.

Madeleine Johnson, Editor in Chief

  1. Cracking your back.
  2. Love.
  3. The sound fresh snow makes when you walk on it.
  4. The fact we’re not made of jello.
  5. Turning to a radio station and the song you’ve been wanting to listen to is on.
  6. Looking at the clock at 11:11.
  7. Looking at the clock at 4:20.
  8. Dried mangos.
  9. People calling you by your name, even when it’s unnecessary.
  10. Calculators.
  11. Dwight Schrute from The Office.
  12. Finally mastering MLA format #likeaboss.
  13. People remembering and acknowledging you.
  14. Crisp apples.
  15. Waking up naturally.
  16. Reaching 100 likes on Instagram.
  17. Coming out of the dentist’s office with your pearly whites looking perfect.
  18. Setting the curve.
  19. Drinking water after a hard workout.
  20. Your family taking care of you when you’re sick.
  21. Family.
  22. Fetty Wap!!!
  23. When they text you first.
  24. Good cursive.
  25. Kittens.
  26. Beautiful sunrises.
  27. Random compliments.
  28. Chairs.
  29. Using notes on a test.
  30. Eyes.
  31. Swimming in the Puget Sound.
  32. Running through a tall grass field.
  33. Carbohydrates.
  34. Huge trees to climb in.
  35. Photosynthesis.
  36. Rapping a song and not messing up once.
  37. Colors.
  38. When your dog is your best friend.
  39. Thesaurus.com.
  40. Conditioner.
  41. Achieving the perfect hair flow
  42. Inner tubing in the summer.
  43. When time passes slowly during the good times.
  44. Stretching.
  45. Our warm-bloodedness.
  46. Sunlight flooding a forest.
  47. YouTube.
  48. Dad jokes.
  49. Frosting.
  50. Jumping.
  51. Successfully pranking someone.
  52. Your hair blowing in the wind.
  53. Being by the sea.
  54. Big t-shirts.
  55. Days with no stress.
  56. Laying in front of a fireplace.
  57. Going to bed early on a Friday night and being okay with it.
  58. Cups of Noodle.
  59. Good friends.
  60. Honesty.
  61. Crossing things off your personal to-do list.
  62. Not getting pulled over by a cop when you whizz past.
  63. Buffets.
  64. Shoes.
  65. The feeling you get from being productive.
  66. The smell of clean laundry.
  67. A roof over your head.
  68. Reaching another birthday.
  69. Freedom.
  70. When a math problem can be easily factored.
  71. Thrashing hard to death metal.
  72. Thrashing hard to Taylor Swift.
  73. Teachers who make you feel important.
  74. Generosity.
  75. Things working out.
  76. Johnny Depp.
  77. Kristen Stewart.
  78. Massages.
  79. Telling a joke and people actually laughing.
  80. The Harry Potter series.
  81. No Weight Wednesday
  82. Free samples.
  83. Catching every green light.
  84. Orangutans and Meerkats.
  85. Waking up and seeing snow outside.
  86. PB&J’s
  87. Concerts.
  88. Good health.
  89. Brothers and sisters.
  90. How everything is connected.
  91. That Doodlebob doesn’t exist and haunt us…
  92. Being around people you feel 1000% comfortable with.
  93. Roadtrips.
  94. Big skies.
  95. Supermoons.
  96. The sound of rain on a sun roof.
  97. People who smile back.
  98. Your body for getting you where you need to go.
  99. Laying on the ground for long periods of time.
  100. Thinking stupid things are funny and laughing until you hurt.
  101. Finally getting to the top of the mountain.