National Run a Mile Day- a Running Success


Cassandra Bundrick

Managing Editor, Meghan Laakso, covers the hit event put on by Mrs. Miller- National Run a Mile Day.

Meghan Laakso, Managing Editor

On May 4th, 2016, over 550 kids showed up to Roy Anderson field to run the mile for one of the National Run a Mile Days. Heavy breathing, sweaty kids were everywhere- each student at a different athletic ability, each student giving the mile all they had in them.

Peninsula High School started honoring National Run a Mile Day three years ago when P.E. teacher and softball coach, Mrs. Miller, was approached with information about the cause. Being the athletic enthusiast she is, Miller decided to take the information and do something beneficial for the student body.


“Some kids have run four miles. Some kids just walk the four laps. It’s not about how much you can do,” said Miller. “It’s about getting people out and moving. There aren’t only students participating. Staff is out here too.”

After taking a headcount first period, Miller found out over 100 kids had already participated. Last year they had 520 students total. The goal this year was to beat that number and Miller did that easily.

But how does one organize such an event with this big a turnout? Well, according to Miller, it’s not too difficult.

“Overall it’s a pretty easy event to put together. I ordered the shirts back in November but I should have advertised a bit more,” said Miller. “I wish it was on a better day. It is much more fun when the sun is out.”

The overcast skies did not prevent senior, Riley Egge, from participating.

“I love running. Even though it was required or P.E., I still wanted to do it,”  said Egge. “I think the best thing to do is to keep a steady pace. People try to run fast and then have to walk halfway through. Just run steady for the whole thing.”

Not as many students were as enthusiastic as Egge. For senior, Tyree Hogan, P.E. was the only reason he was running in the first place.

“Every Wednesday we have to do the 20 minute run so this just tied into that,” said Hogan. “I did it last year too but it was just for P.E.”

Whether running for the grade or just for the love of it, students and staff of all grades came out to the track to participate in one of the National Run a Mile Days. Luckily for PHS, the annual event will continue to happen.

“Each year seems to be more successful than the one before,” said Miller. “We hope to keep carrying this on for years to come.”