Dual Powers Converge: Batman vs Superman Review


Sydney Donahoe

Lily Brooks gives her review on the new movie- Batman versus Superman.

Lily Brooks, Reporter, Social Media Manager

In the new blockbuster movie, Batman versus Superman, Ben Affleck played Batman and Henry Cavill played Superman. Together they played these characters very well, stimulating an intensity and fervor in the film. Overall, this movie was not as expected. The plot did not have much content, leaving the audience confused as to which story was which and how it all connected.

Fallen from planet Krypton as a child, Superman was indeed no man. He was raised by adopted parents in a small farming town in Kentucky and grew into his powers. His genetics made him a God-like being who could withstand any force. He became a man of steel, capable of reflecting anything against him. His abilities to fly combined with his mighty strength allowed him to fight for justice and to combat the evils of the world. He is a noble being that fought both for the ones he loved and the threatened peoples of the earth. Nothing can stop him.

Born and raised by his two parents who loved him dearly, Batman was not alien to this planet. He indeed was only a mortal man who literally fell into his future self. When he fell into a hole, it was the bats that saved him from the deep fall, lifting him out of it and helping him realize that it was his duty to do the same for others. He was only mortal, so with his brains and inspiration, he created new innovations to use in battle. He put hard work and long hours into being a savior for humanity. Lurking in the shadows, he proceeded to do the same as Superman.

However, heroes are not always exalted. They destroy and wreck the surroundings without thought in order to save those in danger. Lives are put at stake and the general fear that Superman might experience a change of heart and use his powers for evil instead of good muddles his idolatry. With his enormous statue, reverence from the people, and bowing of the guards, Superman exemplifies a man who is both worshipped and practically indestructible. But Batman, the mere mortal, does not receive this kind of treatment and comes from beneath the shadows to stop the worship of Superman.

Then the plot takes a turn focusing on newfound traces of Kryptonite, a special rock that could destroy the super humans. A source in the Indian Ocean ended up in the wrong hands, hands that cast a bet on man instead of God. This discovery happening while the ‘man vs God’- Batman vs Superman- battle drug on as Superman displayed his strength and Batman showed off his latest innovations. They both fought hard but a greater threat ultimately led to connections between the two. This conflict is resolved in in quite an abrupt way which leaves the audience in confusion.

The wrong hands can cause major damage; a super monster was birthed out of the round, and it had powers of other planets’ material left over. Batman and Superman came together for this intense fight between good and evil. A surprise appearance of Wonder Woman occurs in this battle as she steps out of her cover and engages in war against a horrific man-made beast. However this appearance does not seem relevant to the plot.

The film was rated PG-13 for its intensity. Though the film left me on the edge of my seat, I do not recommend spending money on seeing it in theatres because the plot’s haziness made it hard to enjoy.